Why Lifework Leadership?

The Lifework Leadership development program is unlike any other program currently being offered due to the emphasis on both personal and professional leadership transformation. Lifework Leadership has a long, successful track record of transforming leaders and communities through the business application of the Jesus Journey.

How many people will go through the program?

The ideal group is between seven and twelve individuals.

What are the topics covered?

The topics covered will include: Knowing God, Calling, Relationships & Diversity, Worldview, Purpose, Generosity, Integrity, Humility, Courage, and Legacy.

What are the qualifications for those who participate?

Lifework Leadership class members typically have been professionally employed ​for ​more than five years, manage direct reports and are willing to model high character and ethics to others.​

What is Lifework Leadership’s history?

Lifework Leadership was birthed in 1992 when U.S. Senator William Armstrong (CO) convened Christian business leaders to cast a vision for a world, city by city, that could be transformed through leaders who had a clear calling and a biblical worldview. As a result of this vision, thousands of Lifework Leadership alumni throughout the United States are making a greater impact in their companies and communities. Lifework Leadership is a global organization with classes recently starting in South Africa, Kenya and China.

Who will teach Lifework Leadership Corporate Training?

David Hodge of Anchor Leadership will conduct the training—along with his team of trainers. David has many years of effective experience training in both faith-based and a corporate environments. For more information on David and Anchor Leadership, visit anchorleadership.com.

For more information on Lifework Leadership, visit www.lifeworkleadership.org.