Our mission is transforming leaders, transforming culture. We do this through challenging the mind, identifying a calling, and engaging the leader’s heart for service, all within a framework of a Christian worldview following Christ’s leadership model we call the Jesus Journey.


...gain a clear perspective of who they are and a desire to positively shape their corporate culture.


...gain employees with a clear purpose and practical skills for more productive leadership.


...gain leaders who stay invested and make a lasting difference in their community.

David Hodge, President of Anchor Leadership, teaches the Lifework Leadership course. With an insightful, humorous style, David is uniquely gifted in developing leaders. He has over twenty-five years experience in executive leadership and business trainer roles while offering his creative expertise to leaders with various levels of experience. His personal agenda is to equip, encourage and inspire.

Each Lifework Leadership session includes insights on the Jesus Journey, best practices of high achieving Christian business leaders, real-world case studies, and dynamic exclusive content from Gordon McDonald (author & speaker), John Aden (former EVP Wal-Mart), Bob Lupton (Urban Perspectives), Steve French (Lifework Leadership) and many more.

“We can all remember special times in our lives when God showed up big, providing just what we needed, at just the right time. Lifework Leadership has been that for me. I still marvel and reflect on the powerful message of the Jesus Journey and the positive impact it has had on me, both personally and professionally.”

Mike Sorrow

Executive Director
Southwest Christian Care
Union City, GA

Lifework Leadership is a proven leadership development program that enhances skills, relationships, and influence. It’s designed for leaders of all types and size of businesses. Alumni come from a variety of companies including: American Express, AT&T, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Disney, Home Depot, Marriott, Morgan Stanley, SunTrust, and many more.

For information on hosting Lifework Leadership in your company or organization, contact us at info@anchorleadership.com or 678-489-8418.